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My latest audio book “What My Bones Know “is a must read/listen for anyone with PTSD .

This is the Publishers Summary because I couldn’t have written it any better :

A searing memoir of reckoning and healing by acclaimed journalist Stephanie Foo, investigating the little-understood science b...

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Along with my trauma focused work , massage and reflexology ,the other approach I like to take with clients is a Solution Focused Strengths Based approach .

This therapy, while having optimism at its core ,doesn’t mean encouraging clients to look for answers through rose colored glasses.


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Resilience is not solely an internal
process, it is deeply intertwined with our
environment (family, culture, political,
historical, climate, etc.)

The Serenity Prayer of Resilience:
Accept or grieve what cannot be
Take action, when possible, to create
create meaningful change.

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Grounding is the energetic phenomena we experience when our bare skin directly connects to the Earth. To be grounded is to be energetically centered . We are not meant to be wearing rubber soles every time we leave the house. Our modern way of life has limited the raw contact our bodies have to...

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For something different I thought you might be interested in a few fun facts about me :

I love chocolate and peanut butter .Not together….although I imagine it could be Nutella!
I cannot have either in the house!

I grew up on a farm in the Riverina. I can ride a horse and a moto...

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Guided drawing is a form of body therapy.

All feelings, sensations and emotions are connected to thought patterns and body postures .

All are related and they influence each other .

For example , we know that tight shoulders are related to stress and tension ie. our emotional and mental st...

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We now know that brain development continues throughout our lifetime
and that our brains are capable of developing new neural connections as we age, meaning that the effects of childhood trauma ,which we know adversely impact the developing brain, are reversible .

A neural network is a group o...

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Me: How good is this sketch of a duck ?

You: Duck?

Me: Yes , duck!

You: I see a rabbit ??

Me: You’re crazy!

But wait …Ahh…yes …I see it now , we are seeing the same image differently!

Its all about perception … !

When we can’t change a situation about which we are unhappy , it’s well...

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Your thoughts affect your biology and your
biology affects your thoughts.

When we have experienced trauma( and we all have ) we lose the ability to engage our logical brain( pre frontal cortex ) . We begin to operate on emotions and the limbic system in our brain. The limbic system is part of...

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8 months ago
Wow Ros is amazing at her job. Been see her for about 6 months and the personal growth l have seen is amazing. Truly grateful for a friend for recommending me. She go above and beyond for her clients and truly make me feel safe and heard during our session. Would highly recommend her and also her massage. They are so relaxing and just what you need during this busy time or after your session. She take all your stress away. And even puts you to sleep they are so good. Thank you Ros for making me safe and heard and give me tools to help me in today worked.
- Mel F
a year ago
Just had an amazing 2 hour session with Ros. 1 hour of reflexology and then 1 hour of relaxing massage. Feeling great. Ros has a firm but at the same time gentle touch. Ros is always aware of your comfort and is very mindful that everyone is different. Ros is very experienced in Reflexology, this was my second session and I would highly reccomend it. The massage was wonderful, just what I needed before starting term 2. Be good to yourself and book in to see Ros. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
- Narelle R
2 years ago
Ros is the best. I had an amazing massage that left me feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. I would recommend Ros to anyone who needs a massage to relieve all those aches and pains. I will definitely be going back on a regular basis.
- Karen D

Healing Anxiety Depression and Trauma

About me.....
I am a former registered nurse and midwife . Caring for and about the physical and mental health of others has been my life's work.
I transitioned into mental health, counselling and massage therapy and I have the tools, compassion and, importantly, the lived experience necessary to help people to navigate their way through anxiety, depression and the stresses associated with adverse life events.

My special area of interest is in nervous system regulation which is a science based way of healing the effects of trauma on the body and mind.

What is Somatic Psychotherapy?
Somatic(body) psycho (mind) therapy is a body orientated approach to the healing of stress related disorders which disrupt a persons ability to be in the "here and now".

Almost everyone has experienced an adverse life event ,whether due to shock, accumulated stress, medical trauma or early developmental trauma.
We know that these events take a huge toll on our physical, emotional and psychological health, seriously impairing a persons ability to function with resilience and ease.

We know now that the toxic effects of a traumatic event stay in the body and may present as anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease or simply a general lack of vitality further down the track.

Both body and mind must work together in order to release this toxicity from the body which has been stored at a cellular level .

Five keys to nervous system healing....
• Education-understanding how the nervous system works .
• Connection- to family, friends and or community is vital.
• Understanding the how stress/trauma affects the body( ie. its physiological effects on internal organs) what it is and how it affects the body if left unresolved.
• Learning how to allow and "feel" discomforts and fears, in the body rather than suppressing them .
•Building the capacity to regulate the nervous system and return to a state of "flow" or homeostasis which is the optimal state of being.

How can I help you?
I offer a combination of education, neurosensory exercises, solution focused talk therapy and massage, all of which are aimed at bringing the dysregulated nervous system back into a state of flow ie. regulation, in order that clients are able to live their best lives.

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